Romanian Society of Cardiology

Board of Romanian Society of Cardiology

President: Dr. Gabriel Tatu-Chițoiu, FESC
Future president: Prof. Dragoș Vinereanu, FESC
Ex president: Assoc. Prof. Ioan M. Coman, FESC
Vice-presidents Prof. Dan Dobreanu
Assoc. Prof. Bogdan A. Popescu
Secretary Assoc. Prof. Antoniu Petriș, FESC
Treasurer Prof. Daniel Lighezan
Members Prof. Dr. Eduard Apetrei ,FESC
Prof. Daniela Bartoș
Prof. Mircea Cinteză
Dr. Radu Ciudin
Dr. Ovidiu Chioncel
Dr. Ruxandra Christodorescu
Dr. Dan Deleanu, FESC
Dr. Alexandru Deutsch
Assoc. Prof. Gabriela Doroș
Dr. Daniel Gherasim
Prof. Carmen Ginghină, FESC, FACC
Assoc. Prof. Adriana Ilieșiu, FESC
Dr. Ruxandra Jurcuț
Dr. Adrian Mereuță
Prof. Florin Mitu
Dr. Ștefan Moț
Prof. Mircea I. Popescu
Assoc. Prof. Diana Țînț


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Payment can be made in the account of the Romanian Society of Cardiology:
RO28BTRL04101205M6647601, opened at Banca Transilvania, the Division for Medical Doctors from Cotroceni.

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