Short history of Romanian Journal of Cardiology

The first issue of the journal was published in 1947, having the title Revue Roumaine de Cardiologie – journal edited in French, having Basil Teodorescu as director and Emil Viciu and Constantin Davis as editors and Serban Papadopol as secretary.

Taking into consideration the hardship back then, the journal (and the Romanian Society of Cardiology) self dissolved in 1947. 3 issues were published.

In 1991 the journal is re-established, under the name  Romanian Journal of Cardiology, with C. Carp as editor in chief, as editors E. Apetrei, C. Macarie and C. Streian, and Carmen Ginghina as secretary. The editorial board comprised 22 cardiologists from all over the country. In the first issue’s editorial, professor C. Carp noted the following: “we wish this journal to be a forum that would generate a powerful and open exchange of ideas, a tight connection between the fundamental knowledge and clinical medical care.”

For the first years, the journal has 1-3 issues per year.

In 2005, a new editorial staff is chosen: editor in chief – E. Apetrei; deputy editor – Carmen Ginghina; founding editor – C. Carp.

Since 2010 the editorial board is comprised of 47 members, 18 being foreigners.

The journal changed its look in 2005 and 2007 and it issued regularly 4 times per year plus 1-2 supplements.

Each article sent for the journal is reviewed by 2 peer reviewers, without knowing the names or the institutions the authors come from. The peer reviewers observations are sent to the authors by the editorial staff (the peer reviewer remaining unknown). The corrected article is reviewed by the same peer reviewers. Annually, the names of the peer reviewers and the numbers of articles reviewed are published in the journal.

The estimated time from receiving the article until it is accepted for publication is 1,8 months; estimated time until publication 3,2 months. These data and put down in the journal, for every article, since the 3rd issue of 2010. The journal contains the European Society of Cardiology’s guidelines – translated in Romanian- 2 or 3 guidelines every year.

The journal is sent free of charge to all the members of the Romanian Society of Cardiology, under the condition they paid their membership fee.

Romanian Journal of Cardiology is also sent free of charge to 17 national libraries and to the foreign members of the editorial board.

Romanian Journal of Cardiology’s award was initiated in 2009, for an original paper published in the journal. The awards are offered following the rules published in the journal.

We also exchange journals with the French Society of Cardiology and the Portuguese Society of Cardiology.


  • January 2010: CNCSIS B+.
  • since 2009 enclosed in EBSCO international data base: http://www.ebscohost.com/titleLists/a9h-journals.pdf
  • the journal is enclosed in the CMR Medical Publications List for 2010-2011. The first author is offered 5 credit points.
  • CNCSIS B credential – 2007.
  • CNCSIS code: 379.

Frequency: 4 issues/year, 1-2 supplements

ISSN: 1583-2996

Editorial board: 47 members; 18- foreigners

Internet page: (since 2009)

Future plans:

In order to increase the journal’s visibility, especially in the international scientific world, and so that the journal is credited in the ISI international data bases, it is important that we accomplish the following:

  • increasing the number of original articles sent for publication;
  • publication of articles in English;
  • in the following 2 years, the articles published in the journal will be in English, having the abstracts in Romanian;
  • Getting foreign authors to publish in the journal. Initially, members of the editorial board will be solicited and of course those we collaborate already with;
  • Propositions for the newest members of the editorial board;
  • Subscriptions to doctors from other specialties.

Proposals were sent for enclosure in the Romanian data base SCIPIO and the international data bases with the highest quotation level: (A, ISI): Thomson, Medline.

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