Associate professor Constantin Bradu Fotiade (1928-2010) – the man of his country, the man of his time

Introduction: Constantin Bradu Fotiade, Associate Professor of Interventional Cardiology Doctor HonorisCausa, Member of The Romanian Academy of Me-dical Sciences (Bucharest, Romania, 1928-2010), dedicates almost his entire professional activity, surpassing the second half of the XX-th century, to the technical study of the physiology and to the patho-physiology of the human cardiovascular system, mainly to the dia-gnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular catheterization, beginning at Coltea Hospital and fully developing at Fundeni Hospital. Contemopraneously with AF Cour-nand WOT Forssmann and DW Jr Richards, The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1956, „for their dis-coveries concerning heart catheterization and patholo-gical changes in the circulatory system” and at the conflunce of the newly rising specialties, Cardiloghy and Cardiovascular surgery, he utilises, with his collaborators, for the first time in Romania, therapeutic endovascular procedures, today included in „Interventional cardilogy”, „Interventional radilogy” and „Endovascular surgery”. The professional is equally devoted toward the patient, to the colleagues and to the technology: the day looks like a case presentation session with live de-monstrations and with the participation of representatives of different specialties, mostly from Cardilogy and Cardiovascular surgery, from all around the country; in the afternoon he works with the engineers. As a vascular surgeon, I am honoured to be accepted to realize my Doctorial Thesis on the „Percutaneous translumi-nal pulmonary valvulopasty“, based on the experience accumulated during my stage in this laboratory, thus bringing my contribution to the development of the Endovascular surgery.

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