Cyto-histological diagnosis problems on pericardium biopsies (ii)

Objective: An anatomoclinical study was carried out in our clinic to offer a synthesis about all the cases with pericardial diseases cytologically and/or histopatholo-gically examined.

Material and methods: Were eff ectuated cytological exams from pericardial fluid MGG stained and classic histologically stained (HE, VG) from pericardial biop-sies harvested by surgeons ( Iliescu V., Vasile R., Iosi-fescu A.G., Radulescu B.C., Stiru O., Voica C.) between 2009-2013.

Results: From a total of 203 cases, histological exams of pericardium were: fibrinousand sero-fibrino-he-morrhagic pericarditis were 97 cases (48 males and 49 females), caseous pericarditis were 3 (2 males and 1 fe-male); purulent or suppurative pericarditis were 9 cases (5 males and 4 females); neoplasies that affect pericar-dium were 35 cases (24 males and 11 females); con-strictive pericarditis were 16 cases (9 males and 7 fema-les); and 2 cases with pericarditis that releaved amyloid accumulation (1 male and 1 female) with Congo Red stain positivity. As for sex variability female predomi-nance in the fibrinous and sero-fibrinous pericarditis and male predominance in malignant mediastinal neo-plasms with metastasis in pericardium.

Conclusions: From total cases, the majority of peri-cardium were fibrinous and sero-fibrinous pericarditis; the next (by number) were sero-sanguineous effusions in the frame of malignant mediastinal neoplasms; after them, by number, were cases of acute pericarditis; after them were are constrictives pericarditis. The serous and caseous pericarditis are rare. Despite of large number of ethiologies, there are relatively few anatomic forms of pericardial involvement. In this period, 2009-2013, it was a double number of cases than in anterior period (1999-2008) that we have analised in 2008.

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