Electrical conversion of atrial flutter following failed pharmacological treatment

Introduction: Atrial flutter represents a common-ly known heart disease. Therapeutic management of every case depends on certain factors including: patient history, previous drug treatments, reluctance towards certain treatment methods etc.
Case Report: A 63 years old female patient presents herself to our hospital with the following symptoms: Palpitations and dyspnea at rest. The diagnostic EKG shows atrial flutter with 2:1 conduction. The echocar-diography shows hypertensive heart aspect, LA of nor-mal dimension, 2nd degree Mitral regurgitation, no thrombi present in the left atrial appendage.
The patient history includes: Arterial hypertension, Hypertensive cardiomyopathy, Type II Diabetes Melli-tus.
Initially, at the patient’s request, pharmacological treatment was attempted using 600mg intravenous Amiodarone. The outcome of the treatment was unfa-vorable, thus electrical conversion was prescribed, also administering the appropriate anticoagulant treatment prior to conversion. Following this procedure, sinus rhythm was reestablished.
Case particularity: Pharmacological treatment prece-ding the electrical conversion.
Discussion: Atrial flutter represents a common tachy-arrhythmia in general medical practice, treatment op-tions including both non-pharmacological and phar-macological treatments. The final therapeutic decision is taken based on consulting the Guidelines and also considering other factors including: Treatment method availability, the patients’ opinion towards the treatment methods, previous drug treatments, cost.

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