New indications of plasmapheresis in cardiology

Objective: In the acute myocarditis there is no satisfac-tory treatment. Taking into account the immunological and biochemical pathogenetical mechanism, plasma-pheresis could be of benefit. The deterioration of the biological aortic valve is accelerated by hypercholeste-rolemia and the postprocedural intense inflammatory syndrome. These could be curved by plasmapheresis.
Methods: The literature data supporting the utilisation of plasmapheresis in the commented two situations are presented. Two clinical cases, considered paradigmatic, are presented.
Results: Presentation of the literature data. Premises for the introduction of plasmapheresis in acute myo-carditis and postprocedural aortic valve replacement are presented.
Conclusions: 1. Plasmapheresis could be of benefit in acute myocarditis 2. Plasmapheresis protect the bi-ological aortic valve from the deterioration caused by dyslipidemia and the inflammatory postprocedural syndrome.

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