Particularities in women pulmonary embolism in our days – a retrospective study

Introduction: We retrospectively analyzed evolutive, therapeutical, clinical and etiological particularities in pulmonary embolism (PE) diagnosed women with or without deep venous thrombosis (DVT) hospitalized in Cardiology Clinic during three years. Methods: Assessed batch included 56 women (wo) with PE, divided regarding PE severity in group A with mild PE, including 29 women (mean age 61.81 ± 8.21 years), group B with moderate PE, including 14 women (mean age 59.08 ± 16.19 years) and group C with massive PE including 13 women (mean age 59.01 ± 8.68). We focused on etiology, clinical features, therapy and evolutive aspects during hospitalization, at 6 and 12 months after discharging. Results: PE major cause remains lower limbs DVT and isolated inferior cava and renal veins thrombosis. Major PE risk factors in 20 – 50 years group were prolonged orthostatic status (mainly professional), more than 3 months oral contraceptive therapy, lower limbs trauma, obesity/pregnancy, cancer, thrombophilia. Over 50 years the order changed as following: lower limbs trauma/surgery, prolonged immobility, obesity/ cancer, postthrombotic status, ageing. Clinical features (dyspnea/tachypnea, tachycardia, thoracic pain, cyanosis, systemic hypotension, lower limbs oedema) were as described in literature.Treatment ment thrombolysis for 6 women, 6 months anticoagulation for all patients and minimum 1 year for 27 women. Mortality rate was 10.7% in hospital, 19.6% at 6 months and 21.4% aft er 1 year. Conclusions: Lowering PE incidence requires professional conditions improvement, medical education quality increasing for women, strictly monitoring and attention for anticoagulant therapy, obesity decresing, contraceptive measures and pregnancy management conducted only by specialists, care quality improvement during hospitalization and after discharging.

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