Romanian Journal of Cardiology – Status report 2012

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  • After each issue is printed, it is imediattely uploaded on the official website, Great efforts were done so that all the issues and supplements beginning with 2003 are uploaded.
  • To increase its level of visibility, Romanian Journal of Cardiology, with the full support of a dedicated team of medical authors and translators, has been publishing all the articles in English version beginning with last year’s second issue.
  • In August 2012, Romanian Journal of Cardiology, applied for the world’s leading provider of science and health information, the Elsevier database. All the requirements were complied and the indexing process has started.

  • In September last year Romanian Journal of Cardiology was chosen to be part of the pilot project of being indexed in the European Society of Cardiology search engine.
  • All the articles in English published in Romanian Journal of Cradiology and its Supplements strating from 2010 were processed.
  • At present, the indexing process has successfully ended.

ISSN – online: 2734 – 6382
ISSN-L 1220-658X
ISSN – print: 1220-658X
The Romanian Journal of Cardiology is indexed by:
ESC search engine
CODE: 379
CME Credits: 10 (Romanian College of Physicians)