The vascular profile of hypertensive roma patients – data from the largest study on cardiovascular risk factors in the roma ethnic community in Romania

Introduction: To evaluate the vascular profi le of the Roma patients with known or newly diagnosed hypertension (HTN). Methods: We included 806 adult Roma subjects (age 18 – 82 years), regardless of medical history, and screened for major cardiovascular (CV) risk factors (RF). Further, the 271 hypertensive subjects were studied. We performed routine evaluation as recommended in the ESH guideline. We recorded: anthropometric data, presence of major CVRF, blood pressure measurements, presence of left ventricle hypertrophy on echocardiography studies, peripheral arterial disease (ankle-brachial index < 0.9), increased arterial stiff ness (pulse wave velocity >10m/s), glomerular filtration rate (CKD-EPI). Associated conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hyperuricemia (> 6mg/dl females; > 6,8mg/dl males) were noted, visceral obesity (waist circumference >102 cm males, > 88cm in females). Results: The hypertensive Roma patient displays a vascular profi le with an impressive CV burden. There were no statistically significant differences between sexes, except for smoking and obesity (females more affected, p < 0.01). Medium age of the population was 55.84 ± 10.87 years. Th ere were 172 (63.4%) females (F) and 99 (36.53%) males (M). Th e prevalence of smoking was 46.13% (41.28% F, 54.55% M), of sedentarism was 73.43% (76.74% F, 67.68% M), of visceral obesity was 71.22% (81.98% F, 52.53% M), of dyslipidemia was 45.02% (45.35% F, 44.44% M), of hyperuricemia was 27.68% (29.07% F, 25.25% M), of diabetes was 30.26% (29.65% F, 31.31% M), of LV hypertrophy was 46.49% (45.93% F, 47.47% M), of chronic renal disease (RFGe < 60 ml/min/1.73m2 ) 6.27% (8.14% F, 3.03% M). Conclusions: In a hypertensive population with a very high prevalence of CV risk factors, the prevalence of vascular injury is very high. With a prevalence of 50% smokers, 30% diabetics and more than half obese, the population displayed a very high prevalence of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Pulse wave velocities (PWV) as marker of aortic stiffness were significantly increased in over three quarters of patients evaluated.

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