Instructions for authors

General information
Romanian Journal of Cardiology publishes original articles in the field of cardiovascular physiology and pathology in the form of clinical trials, laboratory, experimental, epidemiological studies etc. Authors should follow the principles of ethics and scientific truth in conducting the study, data acquisition and presentation of results.
For publication, articles will be submitted electronically, written at double line spacing with Times New Roman 12 fonts.
Articles will be written in English and it will be accompanied by an abstract in English and Romanian  languages with by up to five key words (chosen from the accepted key word list) in the submission language. The manuscripts submitted in Romanian will be translated in English by qualified persons. The translation will be paid by the author.

Each manuscript must be accompanied by an author’s letter of intent, signed in original by all authors stating that the article has not been sent simultaneously to any other publication and has not been published in another journal in a substantially similar form. The responsibility for the article’s content lies entirely with the authors.
All authors will sign a statement on conflict of interest and will indicate their contribution in the elaboration of that work. The first author is required to collect the statements from all co-authors.

A conflict of interest statement must also be included in the manuscript after any “Acknowledgements” and “Funding” sections and should summarize all aspects of any conflicts of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, authors must include ‘Conflict of Interest: none declared’.

Preparation of manuscript

Title: On the title page the title of the article should be written in English, the full name of the authors, academic degrees, their affiliation, mailing address and a brief title in English and Romanian (3-6 words, for the following pages of the article), and keywords of the article.

Summary: The summary in English and Romanian will comprise at most 200 words. It will be composed of the following subtitles: objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

Manuscript text: The text of the manuscript should not exceed 12 pages for original studies or general essays and 5 pages for case reports. Abbreviations should be defined at their first use. For names of medicines or other substances used in the presented studies their common international names shall be used. The devices used by the studies for drafting the article shall be presented by their trade name, indicating the manufacturer.
Any thanks for cooperation shall be inserted at the end of the text.

Bibliography: The bibliography shall be noted by Arabic numerals in ascending order of appearance in the text, where it will be noted as superscript. References should include the names of all authors, full title of the article, journal, year, volume, pages. Abbreviation of journal name shall be made by using the Index Medicus. We recommend the introduction of present-day references. We recommend quoting the Romanian references, and if the authors have already published in the Romanian Journal of Cardiology, the quotation of these publications. All authors should be listed, i.e. “et al” should not be used.

Ex: Ridker PM, Rifai N, Pfeffer M. Elevation of TNF-a and increased risk of recurrent coronary events after myocardial infarction. Circulation 2000;101: 2149-53 [for journal articles]

Madahi J. Myocardial perfusion imaging for the detection and evaluation of coronary artery disease. In Cardiac Imaging: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease, Second edition. Eds: DJ Skorton, HR Schelbert, GL Wolf et al. WB Saunders, London, 1996, 193-203 [book chapters]

Figures: Quality of figures should be excellent to enable their correct reproduction. They will be sent electronically as image files (JPG, TIFF). Each figure shall be accompanied by a caption, where the main data regarding that figure and any abbreviations shall be explained concisely. The figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals in their order of appearance in the text. The number of the figure referenced shall be indicated between round brackets (i.e. Fig.3). Where appropriate, the bibliographical source of the figure shall be specified between brackets (in this case, it should be noted *reproduced with the permission of” and the entire bibliographic indication shall be noted) and, in this case, the use of the figure should be made by notice of copyright. Color figures will be published for a fee. The structures visible in the figure have to be described.

Videos can be published in the online article with a still image of the video appearing in the print version. Authors should submit videos in mp4 or avi format. Video files should be clearly named as video 1, video 2 etc, and still images should be named ‘video 1 still image’.
Tables: Tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals in their order of appearance in the text, accompanied by a concise title of the table and eventual explanations. Abbreviations used in the table shall be specified (see recommendation from the figures). If applicable, the bibliographical source of the table and notice of copyright shall be specified between brackets.

The texts submitted for publication will be referenced by 2 reviewers without knowing the authors. The recommendations of the reviewers shall be communicated to the authors for rewriting the article. If the article is approved for publication, the publishing date shall be sent. The refusal of publication will be motivated and communicated to the authors in writing. Unpublished manuscripts will not be returned to the authors.

Submit a manuscript

All articles must be submitted through our submission system. Our preferred file type for new manuscript submissions is a Word or text document with all figures in the same document.
Acceptable formats for pictures, photos, and figures are JPG, GIF, TIF.

Please include a title page with your submission that includes the title of the manuscript, each author’s name and affiliation/institution, and contact information for the corresponding author.

We request that all manuscripts be submitted online at:, section SUBMIT ARTICLE.

If the manuscript absolutely cannot be submitted online, please contact the editorial office at:, 


Professor Carmen Ginghină, editor-in-chief 
Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu”, 258 Fundeni Road, 2nd District, Bucharest, Romania

Secretary: Mihaela Sălăgean

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