Instructions for authors


The Romanian Journal of Cardiology publishes original articles in the field of cardiovascular physiology and pathology as clinical trials, laboratory, experimental, epidemiological studies etc.

All the articles sent for publishing to our journal should not be partially or integrally included in other publications. The authors shall respect the principles of ethics and scientific truth in executing the study, attaining data and presenting the results.

Articles for publishing will be sent online to the address or by filling the form below.

The responsibility regarding the content of the article belongs exclusively to the authors. The texts sent for publishing shall be reviewed by 2 referents, with no knowledge of the authors. The reviewers’ recommendations shall be conveyed to the authors in order to modify or adjust the article (if necessary).

Should the article be approved for publication, the date of the issuing shall be communicated. Rejection of the article shall be motivated and sent in written to the authors.

The unpublished manuscripts shall not be returned to the authors. The articles shall be signed by all the authors.

All the authors shall sign a declaration regarding the conflict of interests and their contribution to the paper.



The title of the article, in English, the complete name of the authors, their academic degree, their affiliations, corresponding address and the keywords – both in Romanian and English – of the article shall be mentioned on the title page. The financing sources of the study shall be mentioned (where applicable).


Please write full names; family name will be written in CAPS. One author must be clearly indicated as corresponding author (* as footnote on first page) and it is compulsory to indicate the e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers with country and area code.


Present the authors’ affiliation addresses (where the actual work was done) below the names. Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript number immediately after the author’s name and in front of the appropriate address. Provide the full postal address of each affiliation, including the country name, and, if available, the e-mail address of each author.


A concise and factual abstract is required. The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the main results and major conclusions, both in English and Romanian, and shall be up to 200 words.


Provide a maximum of 8 keywords, avoid general and plural terms and use only abbreviations firmly established in the field. These keywords will be used for indexing purposes and will be both in English and Romanian.


The main text is required in DOC file (Word 97-2000) with the tables included. The figures are required to be inserted with captions at the end of the manuscript (JPEG/TIFF) with high resolution. The submitted paper will be transformed in PDF in order to be reviewed. The abbreviations shall be defined on their first use. For the denominations of drugs or other substances used within the studies international common denominations shall be used. The devices used in studies shall be presented under their commercial name, specifying the producer. The occasional thanks for collaboration shall be inserted at the end of the paper.


The quality of the images has to be excellent in order to allow the accurate reproduction. The images shall not be inserted into the manuscript, but presented separately. Electronically, each image shall be sent separately, as image file (JPG, TIFF etc.). Each image shall have a legend. The images shall be numbered with Arabic numerals in ascending order of their occurrence. The number of the referred image shall be inserted into the text between round brackets (E.g.: Figure 3). If needed, the brackets shall contain also the bibliographical source of the image, which shall be followed by the corresponding number in bibliography. If photographs of persons are used, the subjects must not be identifiable, or their pictures must be accompanied by written permission to use the photograph. The images will be published coloured.


Tables shall be numbered with Arabic numerals in ascending order of their occurrence and shall be accompanied by a concise title of the table and possible explanations. The abbreviations used in tables shall be specified. If needed, the bibliographical source of the table shall be specified within brackets.


You are requested to identify who provided financial support for the development of the research and/or preparation of the article. This will be included at the end of the paper.


Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these).


Submission to this journal proceeds totally online. When submitting the manuscript, it is mandatory to include, as first page, a cover letter to the editor. The cover letter must state that:

  • all the authors aproved that the paper to be submitted to this journal;
  • the article is original and is the work of the authors;
  • the novelty or the significance of results.

All correspondence, including notification of the Editor’s decision and requests for revision, will be done by e-mail.


*.DOC file for the manuscript is required. This should have the tables included, and the figures must me inserted with captions, after the References, on separate pages.

The text should be in single-column format. Keep the layout of the text as simple as possible. Most formatting codes will be removed and replaced on processing the article. In particular, do not use the word processor’s options to justify text or to hyphenate words. However, do use bold face, italics, subscripts, superscripts, etc. Do not put figures in the text. Instead,

Please use as fonts only: Times New Roman or Arial.

First page must be the cover letter (presented above at Submission paragraph).


Divide your article into clearly defined sections. Each heading should appear on its own separate line.

The order is: Title, Authors, Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Experimental (Materials and Methods), Results and Discussions, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Appendices and Funding Body.


Define all abbreviations at their first appearance in the text. Ensure consistency of abbreviations throughout the article.


Insert acknowledgements only in a separate section at the end of the article before the references. List here those individuals who provided help during the research.


If there is more than one appendix, they should be identified as A, B, etc.


Please use L for liters. Always leave a space between units. Do not use abbreviations in the title or keywords. Define abbreviations that are not standard in this field at their first occurrence in both the abstract and the main text.


Please make sure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Unpublished results and personal communications are not recommended in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text.

The references should be mentioned following the examples below:

Ex: Ridker PM, Rifai N, Pfeffer M. Elevation of TNF-a and increased risk of recurrent coronary events after myocardial infarction. Circulation 2000;101: 2149-53 [for journal articles]

Madahi J. Myocardial perfusion imaging for the detection and evaluation of coronary artery disease. In Cardiac Imaging: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease, Second edition. Eds: DJ Skorton, HR Schelbert, GL Wolf et al. WB Saunders, London, 1996, 193-203 [book chapters]


Text: Indicate references by lower-case superscript numbers in line with the text. The actual authors can be referred to, but the reference number(s) must always be given.

All manuscripts should be submitted online at:, filling in the form below, entitled SUBMIT ARTICLE.

If the manuscript cannot be submitted online, please contact the editorial office at:,

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