Peer review protocol

The manuscripts will be submitted as attachment to the e-mail, in Word format, to Mihaela SALAGEAN (the Executive Assistant of the Editorial Board – or by following the SUBMIT AN ARTICLE section, on

Once received, the manuscript will be immediately registered, and the registration number will be communicated at the earliest convenience to the authors, by e-mail. After the manuscript receipt, the corresponding author will receive a short e-mail confirming the receipt, which will contain the registration number and the date the manuscript was received.
Note: The authors must provide a correspondence e-mail address.
The process of peer-reviewing is double-blind type, both parts receiving anonymized manuscripts, comments and decisions.

All manuscripts submitted to the Romanian Journal of Cardiology will be assessed first by the Editorial Board. Some manuscripts will be returned to authors at this stage if they are deemed more appropriate for another journal, if the paper fails to meet submission requirements, or if they are deemed to have insufficient priority. Submissions that advance in the publication process will undergo appropriate blind peer review by at least two independent reviewers, and all papers provisionally accepted for publication will undergo a detailed statistical review. If there is no clear consensus between the 2 reviewers, the manuscript will be reviewed by a 3rd referee. The review period is expected to last between 2-4 weeks, aiming always to obtain a high quality assessment of the submitted materials by international experts in the relevant field.

The reviewers’ decision (approval with no changes, approval with major/minor changes, rejection) will be immediately communicated by e-mail to the corresponding author by the executive assistant.

If the manuscript gets approval with changes, the anonymous comments of the reviewers will be conveyed together with the reviewers’ decision and a statement of the Section Editor, which will be the synthesis of the reviewers’ opinions.

The corresponding author shall send the improved manuscript within 4 weeks together with a letter/Word document as attachement to an e-mail where he/she responds item by item to the of the reviewers comments (the e-mail is addressed to, specifying the manner in which the manuscript was modified.
These documents are sent to the peer reviewers. If they are satisfied with the corresponding author’s answer, they will send the decision of approval for publication of the improved manuscript.

If the peer reviewers consider the corresponding author’s answer is only partially satisfactory, they will request through new item by item comments an additional review of the manuscript, the editing process following the same rules as in the case of the first revision.

If the peer reviewers consider that either on the first or the second revision, the corresponding author did not meet/or met poorly the revision requests, they will deny the approval for publication, which will be communicated to the Editor-in-Chief.

The approval for publication once taken by the reviewers, the decision will be communicated in editorial meeting (message which will immediately reach all members of the editorial board and confirm that the attached article was accepted). During this meeting, the priority of the manuscript will be established, considering the following criteria:
– reviewers’ opinions;
– no author shall have 2 articles published in the same issue (as first author);
– the degree of coverage for the different sections of the journal.

If there are serious errors of content and/or editing, the manuscript will be rejected ab initio by the Editor-in-Chief.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the final decision of each submission.


The Romanian Journal of Cardiology is committed to the highest standards of research and publication ethics, and does not allow any form of plagiarism. All submitted manuscripts are screened with plagiarism software (Grammarly Business) at least two times during the evaluation process to detect instances of overlapping and similar text.


Page proofs will be submitted to the corresponding author electronically. These should be checked thoroughly for any changes or typographic errors.
It is the editor’s intent to review and correct the proofs and publish the accepted work as soon as possible. To achieve this, it is mandatory that all corrections are returned within 48 hours. Subsequent additional corrections will not be possible, hence please ensure that all amendments are marked up comprehensively in the proofs.

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